Sustainable innovation is our way of life.

At F&B Nutrition, sustainability means protecting our people, our future, and most importantly our planet. As our business as well as our partners continue to grow, we must ensure that our efforts also focus on giving back to this wonderful planet that we all call our ‘home’.

Small Steps Towards Sustainability

Together we remain committed to our sustainability goals and optimising product life cycles, from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging design and end-of-life management. We want to be remembered for doing good because that validates how well we do our business.

Energy & Utilities Consumption

Track energy usage

Improve energy usage

Rainwater harvesting pilot project

Wastewater & Pollution Compliance

Implementation of online monitoring systems


Continues improvement to meet low conversion costs


Pilot Plant

Flexible innovative packaging

Productivity improvement

Amenities upgrade

BOMBA compliance

What Lies Ahead

To maintain our positions in playing our parts in the betterment of our community, we will continue to uphold our sustainable commitments in order to provide our partners with resources in-line with our efforts for a cleaner, greener, and better solution for the planet, the people, and the future.